About Our Services

Are you looking for reliable, seasoned, and affordable water well and pumping services in Springfield, Ohio? At Crabtree Well & Pump, we believe in providing quality services to all our clients ranging from home to business owners. Our team of professional drillers and plumbers is equipped with top-notch industry knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure premium services and customer satisfaction every step of the way. Here is a list of services you can sign up for:


Pump Installation

Installing a well-pump can be tricky, especially if you are unsure about the depth of the well and how fast you want your system to pump the water. With Crabtree Well & Pump, you will get a professionally installed pump system that will ensure a steady stream of water at a predetermined speed. Our pumps use centrifugal force to pump water. Our pump service crew first determines the type of pump required on-site before proceeding with the installation.

Well pump services from the experts

Water Well and Pump Service

Whether you want to drill a new well or reinforce your existing one with prime pumping tech, our team at Crabtree Well & Pump can help ensure you get high-quality service. You will find that our water well service also includes well pump installation and well pump repair and maintenance. When it comes to drilling a new well, our team does a thorough sweep of the area to determine the best placement and supporting equipment for reliability and longevity.


Water Conditioning

If you are worried about your well’s hard water damaging the piping or clogging your pipes with mineral build-up, we suggest employing our water conditioning services. We understand that sometimes, well water is the only primary source of water for a property. However, our team uses water conditioning technology to ensure its portability. We offer premium water well services for residents of Springfield, Ohio to ensure a sustainable supply of healthy-looking, -smelling, and -tasting water.

Geothermal drilling apparatus

Geothermal Drilling

Did you know that only nine meters below the earth’s surface, there is a pocket of accessible internal heat? The earth’s internal heating system provides access to an untapped stream of renewable and reliable energy. We at Crabtree Well & Pump are the pioneers of making this energy source accessible to the residents of Springfield, Ohio. The drilled holes in the ground provide a stream of steady air at seven to nine degrees Celsius. Geothermal drilling requires little to no maintenance, thus ensuring consistent energy to power your heating or cooling system.

With over 70 years of experience, we at Crabtree Well & Pump take pride in ensuring reliable water well service and well pump repair services. Over the years, residents of Springfield, Ohio, have relied on our expertise and customer service to provide top-of-the-line services such as well drilling, maintenance, and repair. To find out more about our services, you can reach out to our team.